Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Garlic Farm

Here are some goodies I purchased from the garlic farm as seen on BBC2 programme, The Great British Food Revival with Clarissa Dickson Wright last week. I was so taken by the programme that I had to buy products from them. I love garlic and these products are second to none, this is what I bought.
Oak smoked butter. The butter is excellent used on jacket potatoes and the smokiness of the garlic is fantastic, it's not to over powering, its just right,  its fab served on a steak and tossed into some fresh hot pasta. 
The garlic mayonnaise is lovely, serve it as a dip, with sandwiches or stirred in mash potatoes, it's really creamy and fantastic. 
I paticulary love the Horseradish mustard I bought. I had this with some cold smoked mackerel quiche and my husband had it with sausages and mash potatoes, it's a great all rounder and pretty much versatile, so can be eaten with anything you fancy. 
The colossal elephant garlic, this as the name says, is HUGE. I have many recipes in mind for this big beast, keep your eyes peeled on here to see what I make with it, in the next few weeks.

Here is a link to there website where you can find lots of scrummy products, check it out, they are fantastic. 


  1. I love the Garlic farm stuff. Have visited them many times when in IOW and always make our way to them at the Food Show

  2. Yes they are fab. I am looking forward to tackling the elephant garlic.

  3. I can recommend the Elephant Garlic slow roasted (about Gas mk1 for an hour or so, trim the top and the bottom just so the bulbs are exposed and it stands up and take the loose skin off but don't break it up or peel it, cover in lots of butter or Olive oil, baste it a few times when it's cooking. Then spread it - on anything. Toast, crackers, meat, veg anything. It's delicious as a sort of garlic spread/dip.

  4. Thank you cathy, that sounds wonderful I will defiantly give that a go x